Repindex Social Intelligence

Repindex is distinguished not only by its advanced semantic technology employed in social media monitoring. In addition, it applies an integrated systematic model whereby the technology is combined with human appraisal. This combination delivers real strategic insights understandable to the end client.

There are many social media monitoring agencies, but none of them offer what Repindex can - the combination of powerful monitoring technology, academic insight tools and human analysis.

Repindex - We work on the concept level

Repindex Social Intelligence offers social media research with a difference. Rather than simply aggregating mentions, comments and posts relevant to our customers (as do buzz trackers), we put them through the Repindex system to identify key concepts and combinations. These concepts and combinations mirror the structure found in the mind. The next step concerns analysis and interpretation, which we believe is done best by our highly skilled analysts.

This enables us to serve our customers with insights that are deeper, more meaningful and relevant than simply scraping up mentions and presenting them in a control panel, as is often the case with buzz monitoring operations. This approach means that Repindex Social Intelligence is closely aligned to the activities of traditional market research companies.

Our team combines people with considerable experience and achievement in advanced market research techniques, a lifetime of academic semantic study and a track record of successful business management.

Because Repindex Social Media is established and run by communications professionals, the outcome, not the technology drives the business. To see what we mean, request a report or challenge us to find an insight about your business.

Our Customers

Repindex customers are typified by their desire to engage the potential of social media and online communication. They want insight that will help them succeed in their space.

Forward-thinking brands and organisations realise that not everything that is said about them online is exactly what it seems. That is where Repindex's unique combination of analysis and monitoring can help. It allows them to cut through the chaff and get to the heart of what is being said about them online.

Repindex respects the confidentiality of our customers, and so we do not publish a complete list of the companies we work with. We work with many high profile public officials, businesses and organisations, and we have in-depth expertise in the Health Care and Financial Sectors, as well as brands.

Agency Partners

Repindex also works as a trusted partner to many leading agencies in various marketing disciplines, from PR agencies, brand consultancies and market research companies, to advertising, digital and creative agencies.

Repindex helps many different types of clients to ignore the irrelevant and get to the value of what is really being said online. Our clients include:

  • Enterprises and corporate across all market sectors
  • FMCG retailers
  • Third sector organisations and charities
  • Government agencies, NGOs and other governmental organisations
  • Prominent individuals
  • As a partner to agencies of all kinds, especially PR agencies and other marketing agencies


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